Metsä Board Annual and sustainability report 2022





We create value and well-being, with respect for nature

We help our customers achieve their sustainability targets with our paperboards and our expert services that support the circular economy. We are continuously looking for opportunities to grow profitably and sustainably, and to generate value for our stakeholders with our operations.


Business model

We produce resource-efficient fresh fibre paperboards from renewable raw materials, which support the principles of the circular economy and offer an alternative to fossil-based packaging materials. We are part of Metsä Group, and benefit from its unique value chain, from pure northern fibre to premium end products. We have high energy self-sufficiency, and our holding in our associated company Metsä Fibre ensures our over self-sufficiency in pulp. Our production is located in Finland and Sweden, and we have sales around the world. Our main markets are Europe and North America.

People and partnerships

• 2,248 employees in 17 countries • 25 apprentices • Active cooperation with local communities and educational institutions

Production and supply chain

• More than 3,600 suppliers • 8 production units in Finland and Sweden • Deliveries to approximately 100 countries

OUR SALES IN 2022 EUR 2,480 million

Natural resources • 8.3 million m 3 of sourced wood of which 83% is certified • Total energy consumption 12.0 TwH of which 87% is fossil free • Water intake 110 million m 3 • 355,000 dry tonnes of purchased pigments, adhesives and other raw materials

OTHER 3% (of sales) MARKET PULP 15% (of sales) FOLDING BOXBOARD 57% (of sales) WHITE KRAFTLINERS 25% (of sales)

Intangible assets

• R&D expenditure EUR 6 million • An Excellence Centre in Äänekoski, Finland, and a satellite centre in Norwalk, the United States • Recoqnition for premium quality paperboards

Economic capital

• Capital invested EUR 2.7 billion • 57,000 shareholders in B series and 10,000 in A series


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