Metsä Board Annual and sustainability report 2022





Strong position in a growing market

Paperboard market

things, demand was boosted by the pandemic-induced consump- tion shift from services to packaged goods and concerns about the availability of packaging materials. Demand began to normalise towards the end of the year. In the long term, the increasing demand for sustainably produced fresh fibre paperboards used to replace plastic is expected to continue.

Metsä Board has an established position in its main markets – Europe and North America. It is a leading producer of folding boxboard and white kraftliners in Europe and the largest supplier of folding boxboard in the US. In 2022, demand for folding boxboard and white kraftliners was strong, especially in the first half of the year, and the average paperboard prices improved. Among other

Metsä Board’s paperboards have several growth drivers in its main market areas in Europe and North America




Regional emphasis

Continued growth in North America

Maintaining strong market position in Europe

Focus on high quality packaging in selected end use segments

Paperboard deliveries in 2022 • share of all deliveries by region

28 %

68 %

4 %

• delivery volumes

503,000 tonnes

1,239,000 tonnes

75,000 tonnes

Demand outlook for folding boxboard and white kraftliners

• Environmental awareness and regulation support the demand for recyclable packaging materials • Food safety requirements favour pure fresh fibre paperboards • Demand growth for retail- ready packaging in stores • Growth of e-commerce • Weakened availability and higher price of recycled fibre

• Growth of the middle class increases consumers’ purchasing power and demand for packaged products • China’s import ban on recycled fibres increases demand for pulp and fresh fibre paperboards

• Limited local availability of lightweight high-quality folding boxboards and coated white kraftliners • Demand growth for recyclable and/or compostable food and food service packaging made from renewable raw materials • Demand growth for retail-ready packaging in stores • Promotion and differentiation of brands in growing e-commerce


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