Metsä Board Annual and sustainability report 2022


Business operations

In line with our strategy, we invest in sustainable growth. 9

and value creation 2 This is Metsä Board 4 CEO’s review 6 Highlights of the year 8 Strategy and targets 10 Value creation 12 Operating environment 16

Product and service development


Sustainability report Sustainability management

We help our customers achieve their sustainability targets.

20 22 23 24 26 42 52 60

Progress in 2030 sustainability targets

Material topics

Material flows and circular economy

E – Environment

S – Social responsibility

G – Sustainability governance


Mill-specific information


Production capacities and environmental permit limit violations Disclosure in accordance with SASB Standard Disclosure in accordance with TCFD recommendations

The mitigation of climate change, promotion of the bioeconomy and the circular economy, and resource efficiency are strong drivers of our operations.

62 64 66

Principles of sustainability reporting

Financial development Report of the Board of Directors Consolidated financial statements

72 90 94

34 and 41 To achieve our climate and water targets by the end of 2030, we have mill-specific plans for investments and measures.

Notes to the consolidated financial statements

141 Parent company financial statements 144 Notes to the parent company financial statements 157 Auditor’s Report 161 Shares and shareholders 167 Taxes and key figures Corporate governance

169 Corporate governance statement 176 Board of Directors of Metsä Board

178 Corporate Management Team of Metsä Board 180 Investor relations and investor information



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