Metsä Board Annual and sustainability report 2022






Ethics barometer The Ethics barometer measures our employees’ experience of our ethics: what we do well, and where we still have room to improve. The results of the barometer are expressed as an ethics index (85/100%), which indicates that our personnel’s awareness of the requirements concerning business ethics is at a high level, our employees find the topic important, and our company operates ethically. The areas in greatest need of improvement were the equal treatment of employees and a culture in which the reporting of unethical behaviour is encouraged, and concerns are addressed. The risk of financial misconduct was not highlighted in the barome- ter results. The results of the ethics barometer were used to determine development measures aimed at improving the issues detected and reaching the target of 100% set for the ethics index. A total of 22 local and function-specific measures to be carried out in 2023 were decided in Metsä Board. We also launched the following Metsä Group-wide development measures. • Our entire personnel will receive training in the core content of our Code of Conduct through a revised e-learning course. • In training for managers, more emphasis will be placed on the importance of addressing ethical concerns and creating a culture that encourages the reporting of such concerns. • Anonymous recruiting will be adopted as the primary recruiting method. • The transparency of recruiting will be increased by publishing all vacancies internally, except for vacancies that involve successor planning. • Local workshops will be organised to promote the Metsä For All vision.

Diversity, equality and inclusion We are committed to promoting an equal culture that does not allow discrimination, and in which everyone has the opportunity to be accepted and succeed. We want to ensure that personal charac- teristics – such as gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic background and nationality – have no impact on the individual’s opportunity to succeed at work. In this respect, our activities are guided by the results of the ethics barometer, the Metsä For All vision and our equality targets. The most important measure promoting equality is the imple- mentation of the Metsä For All vision through communication and workshops for local management. As part of this measure, which will continue in 2023, development measures will be specified locally. In 2022, we changed our job titles to make them gender-neutral and adopted anonymous recruiting as our main recruiting method. A separate module on diversity, equality and inclusion was added to all supervisor and leadership trainings. With the aid of our equality targets, we strive to increase the share of women in top management, rectify unjustified differences in pay and promote equality.

Promoting diversity and equality in recruiting • Anonymous recruiting is our main recruiting method. • The system automatically hides all the information regarding applicants’ personal characteristics such as name, age and gender during the application screening phase. • We support the equal treatment of applications, based only on competence and qualifications, as well as the equal treatment of applicants and the diversity of personnel. We reduce the impact of unconscious bias and any resulting discrimination during the processing of applications.


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