Metsä Board Annual and sustainability report 2022

Environmental benefits from single-use fibre packaging

In takeaway restaurants, single-use fibre packaging is a better solution than reusable packaging in terms of the environment. This was the finding of a life-cycle assessment (LCA) con- ducted by Ramboll, an independent consultancy, and published by the EPPA in 2022. During its life cycle, single-use takeaway packaging generates less CO 2 emissions and consumes less water than reusable tableware, for example. A similar result was arrived at in a life-cycle assessment conducted a year earlier by Ramboll and published by the EPPA, which studied the environmental impacts of packaging used in European fast food restaurants.

Further information about the study is available at

Encouraging children and young people to exercise

Metsä Group is the main partner of the Finnish Athletics Federation in the field of athletics for children and young people. The Finnish Athletics Federation annually organises around 500 club competitions across Finland, reaching out to approximately 30,000 children and young people aged 5–15. The goal of club competitions is to encourage the age group to try different disciplines and get to know a variety of hobbies in a safe and cheerful way.

Open day drew a crowd in Simpele The open day organised at the Simpele paperboard mill in September 2022 attracted numerous students and other residents from Simpele and neighbouring municipalities. In addition to presenting the paperboard mill, the event showcased Metsä Group’s other business areas and products. “It was great to see that so many people were interested in our mill and its operations. We were positively surprised by the event attracting 1,300 visitors. For many, the tour of the mill was a highlight of the day,” says Timo Tallinen , Director of the Simpele mill. Open days organised at mills are an established way for Metsä Board to present its operations to local residents and other people interested in the topic.



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