Metsä Board Sustainability Report 2022


We aim for vibrant, diverse forests that store carbon efficiently and mitigate the impacts of climate change. 9


CEO’s introduction

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Sustainability management

Progress in 2030 sustainability targets

Material topics

Material flows and the circular economy



16 and 23 To achieve our climate and water targets by the end of 2030, we have mill-specific plans for investments and measures.


Forest biodiversity and carbon storage

12 14

Sustainable products Climate and energy

18 20 21 22

Climate change creates risks and opportunities

Other emissions

Waste and by-products


Social responsibility Workplace community



25 30 32

Safety at work Product safety

We are committed to a corporate culture of diversity, equality, inclusion and occupational safety.

Sustainability governance A culture of doing the right thing Sustainability of the supply chain


35 36 40


36 We only use wood fibre of sustainable origin and favour responsible suppliers.

Tables and reporting principles 42 Mill-specific information 43

Production capacities and environmental permit limit violations Disclosure in accordance with SASB Standard

44 46

Disclosure in accordance with TCFD recommendations Principles of sustainability reporting

48 50

Independent practitioner’s limited assurance report

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