Metsä Board Sustainability Report 2022

Product safety


The safety of materials is one of the key properties of packaging. Our comprehensive product safety work helps ensure that products are safe for consumers.

Raw materials All of Metsä Board’s paperboards are made of renewable, recycla- ble fresh fibre. Fresh fibre paperboards do not alter the odour or taint the properties of the products packaged in them, and they are the safest choice for wood-based food packaging and other sensitive packaging end uses. Metsä Group’s business operations cover the entire production chain, from the forest to the pulp and paperboard mill. This ensures that we know exactly what our paperboard is made from. Only carefully selected chemicals are used in our paperboard production process. Each chemical undergoes a detailed inspec- tion to ensure it complies with required international regulations and other requirements for food contact material, for example. All the chemicals used at our mills must pass our extensive safety-at- work and environmental evaluations. Our fresh fibre products do not contain unknown chemicals, such as ink residues, which may be found in paperboards made of recycled fibre.

in the food industry. Our mills follow good manufacturing practice (GMP), which is a requirement for production of all food contact materials. In addition, all of Metsä Board’s mills have an ISO 22000 certified food safety system, and the mills producing paperboard for food contact use have also been certified according to the requirements of the FSSC 22000 food safety system. In addition to the product safety requirements for our own pro- duction, we also require our suppliers and subcontractors to meet equal standards so that we can ensure the cleanliness and safety of products in all stages of the supply chain. We use regular product safety questionnaires, audits, and follow-ups to ensure that the risks are controlled throughout the production and supply chain. Compliance Direct food contact materials are regulated strictly around the world. Metsä Board assures the safety of its products in compliance with the legislation applicable in its market areas in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Our team of product safety experts continuously follows developments in the relevant regulations and requirements. The team’s competence is supported with regular training.

Production environment As our paperboards are part of the food supply chain, our product safety criteria and practices are equally stringent as those followed

Product safety risks are managed throughout the production and supply chain

Raw materials


Product safety

All the wood raw material used in our production comes from controlled or certified forests and is traceable. The chemicals we use are carefully chosen and safe for use. Chemicals suppliers are required to respond to our product safety questionnaire every year.

Our mills operate according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and they have certified ISO/FSSC 22000 food safety systems in place, the status of which is ensured annually with external and internal audits.

Our products are regularly tested for quality and safety in internal and external laboratories, accounting for various end uses, including food packaging.


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