Metsä Board Sustainability Report 2022


Compliance and Ethics Channel We encourage our employees and stakeholders to report any breaches of legislation and ethical concerns they detect. Any observations can be reported to the line managers, local manage- ment, HR or the Compliance Committee or through Metsä Group’s Compliance and Ethics channel. The Compliance and Ethics Channel is open to everyone, and reports can be submitted in ten languages, as well as anonymously if required. The channel’s technical implementation is handled by an external service provider. We are committed to protecting the privacy of whistleblowers, and we do not accept any countermeas- ures against those who have reported shortcomings in good faith. No such countermeasures came to our attention in 2022. We are committed to investigate all suspected violations brought to our attention through the Compliance and Ethics Chan- nel or in some other manner. The investigations are steered by the Compliance Committee, composed of the directors in charge of Metsä Group’s legal services, compliance and internal auditing. The committee is also tasked with monitoring that the consequences of

the investigations are applied consistently in cases of equal gravity and that the corrective actions are sufficient. Any illegal activities are reported to the authorities. The changes required in the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive have been taken into account in our countries of operation with respect to the Compliance and Ethics Channel, the investigation of reported violations and the protection of whistleblowers. In 2022, Metsä Board received a total of 6 (10) reports that resulted in an investigation. The reported incidents are divided into the following categories: fraud or other criminal behaviour; corruption and bribery; competition law; conflicts of interest; general personnel matters; discrimination; privacy and information security; safety at work; the environment; breaches of the Supplier Code of Conduct; and other reports. None of the cases resulted in legal proceedings, investigation by the authorities or fines, or concerned corruption, bribery, human rights violations, or the use of child labour.

Sustainability of the supply chain


We know the origin of our raw materials and who we work with across the value chain.

Indicators and progress

Our target is to increase the share of certified wood fibre to at least 90% of all the fibre we use by the end of 2030.

The wood we use always meets at least the criteria for PEFC Controlled Sources and FSC® Controlled Wood. In 2022, 83% (83) of the wood we used came from certified forests and 17% (17) from controlled forests.



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