Metsä Board Sustainability Report 2022



We take part in advocacy as part of Metsä Group. We focus on promoting the bioecon- omy, and the role of forests, the forest industry, and wood-based products in mitigating climate change and securing biodiversity. We increase understanding of fresh fibre as an enabler of the fibre cycle, the benefits of wood fibre-based packaging materials, and product and food safety.

Our advocacy efforts focus on developing regulation at the national and European Union level. Topics relevant for the paperboard and packaging industry at the EU level include the promotion of the circular economy, sustainable product policies, the proposed ecodesign regulation, the proposed regulation concerning packag- ing and packaging waste, and the sustainable finance taxonomy. Key memberships in organisations Metsä Board furthers the recyclability of fibre-based packaging and participates in the activities of the 4evergreen alliance, which brings together the entire packaging value chain. In 2022, our representatives were active in 4evergreen’s Steering Group and team of public relations experts. We also promote fibre-based food packaging that is sustainable in terms of the environment and health, and participate in the activities of the European Paper Packaging Alliance (EPPA), which

represents paperboard producers and packaging converters. As part of Metsä Group, we are an active member in the Confederation of European Paper Industries (Cepi), which supports the EU’s goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Metsä Group’s President and CEO chairs the Board of Cepi. We are also involved in a number of national-level advocacy organisations, the most important of which are the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, and Die Papierindustrie, an association of German paper mills. In 2022, Metsä Board paid a total of EUR 650,000 in mem- bership fees to industrial associations. Metsä Group’s parent company, Metsäliitto Cooperative, has registered with the EU Transparency Register, maintained by the European Parliament and European Commission, and has signed the Register’s Code of Conduct.

According to Ritva Mönkäre , Metsä Board’s Communications Manager and Brussels-based Tytti Peltonen , Metsä Group’s Vice President, Corporate Affairs, active science-based advocacy helps improve the functioning and environmental impact of regulation.


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