Metsä Board Sustainability Report 2022

Our products are tested regularly in accredited laboratories to ensure they meet the required quality and safety standards. Laboratory analyses together with detailed internal risk analyses form the basis for our Product Safety Statement, which includes product-specific information about product safety and compliance.

At the EU level, risks detected in food contact materials and product recalls are monitored and reported through RASFF alerts. There were no product safety related RASFF notifications concern- ing Metsä Board’s products nor any recalls of consumer packaging made from our paperboard in 2022.

Fresh fibre paperboard is a safe choice for food packaging

Fazer, a Finnish food industry company, chose MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB, Metsä Board’s lightweight and recyclable dispersion-coated paperboard, as the packaging material for its chocolate Christmas calendar. Fresh fibre paperboard is a safe choice for a Christmas calendar where the chocolate is in direct contact with paperboard. “Our fresh fibre paperboard has neutral properties in terms of odour and flavour. It ensures that the chocolate retains its excellent flavour for the consumer, as intended,” says Olli Haaranoja , Sales Director at Metsä Board. The choice of material reduces annual plastic use by 1,200 kilograms compared to the PE-coated paperboard previously in use. In addition, it makes the calendar easier to recycle. The lightweight paperboard also reduces the carbon footprint of the calendar box by approximately 25 per cent. The change in calendar material is part of Fazer’s sustainable packaging programme.

Product safety and consumers



Careful packaging, requirements on the supply chain, and regular audits ensure the cleanliness and safety of our products during transport and storage.

Premium paperboards guarantee high performance and quality in converting. Uninterrupted production reduces product safety risks at all different stages of converting and processing.

The main function of packaging is to ensure that the packaged product, such as food, stays safe for consumers. Laboratory analyses and detailed internal risk analyses form the basis for our Product Safety Statement.



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